New Website

My daughter has created a new website for me. Check it out at The new name is in honor of what people have been calling me of late. The site will also host information for those still interested in finger weaving, indeed both and will converge at the same website.

Intermountain Weavers Conference, Durango

The organizers of the Intermountain Weavers Conference asked me back for this year. I taught three classes: intro to sprang, sprang lace and sprang in S&Z. The students were eager and enthusiastic. The world has a few more practitioners of sprang! Then on to the DC area, to be specific, George Washington’s Mount Vernon. I’ll… Read more »

ANWG in Victoria

Here I am in Victoria, just arrived at the airport. The conference is taking place at the University of Victoria. and here I am, teaching the class, talking a student through a tricky maneuver My lovely daughter Claire accepted my invitation to accompany me. She’s my teaching assistant and photographer.  

Linen shirt

I’ve been wanting to make a sprang shirt or sweater for my husband. He says that wool is always too hot. So I found some linen yarn, and made a vest recently. For the front, I set up a ‘false circular warp’ to make the work easier. Here is the front and back on the… Read more »

Spring Sprang Shrug

There was this skein of yarn that I purchased a while back from Redfish, a rainbow dyed tencel. I’ve been meaning to work it up into something. Last month at the Regina Shindig, I was inspired by Terri Bibby, and her Saori techniques. She demonstrated an origami approach to garment design. With this in mind,… Read more »

Regina Shindig

The Saskatchewan Handweavers held a Shindig, and invited me to come, to teach sprang, and to give the Saturday evening keynote address.  The drive across the prairies was a stark contrast to the sights of earlier in the year, the giant redwoods of California, and the Rockies in Colorado. The Saskatchewan handweavers asked me to… Read more »

May in Regina

So, in February I was in California, among the giant redwood trees. In April I was in Colorado, looking at the Rockies. And most recently I drove across the North American prairie to Regina, Saskatchewan. So very happy to attend the meeting of the Saskatchewan Handweavers, where I taught a sprang class, and gave the… Read more »

Sprang in Colorado

Here I am, on a 3-city teaching tour of Colorado. Spring weather is living up to it’s reputation, sunshine, rain, snow, sleet, and then sun again. I am teaching classes in Montrose, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Everyone works on her own frame, creating several sample pieces. In the introductory class, we explore the basic interlinking… Read more »